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The DIGITALIS Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) is a questionnaire which is required for DIGITALIS to be able to offer you services, allowing both your organisation and DIGITALIS to assess the maturity in digital transformation, that will form a baseline for further developments, training, test before invest and innovative business developments. 

About us

DIGITALIS is financially supported by the European Commission to support the digital transformation of the manufacturing and related sectors in Belgium. A group of experts from business, industry, technology, science, training and advisory provide direct support to companies seeking for it. 

A few things we’re great at

We start from a wide series of use cases, experiments and transformations that have happened, technology integrations and selected technologies we know and applied, business leaders we’ve guided and business cases we have been able to show. 

BELGIUM’s best non-profit experts in the domain of digital manufacturing Flanders Make, Howest, IMEC, LSEC – Leaders In Security, Sirris and the VUB Photonics Lab


Industrie 4.0 (and above) consider the  impact of digital technologies all different aspects of manufacturing companies from R&D to production, over logistics and customer support. 

From the experiences in the field and the fieldlabs, with companies which have been transforming or are in the process of – we have selected a series of technologies running; that can be tested before deploymnet                                

DIGITALIS is financially supported by the European Commission, and offers its services in a subsidized manner. Selected SMEs can get advisory, training and education and tooling free of charge. Apply today, seats are limited!

Start today, it’s a journey

Digitization doesn’t happen overnight. Every situation requires adoption, but we can rely upon existing tooling and best practices, experiences, frameworks, methods, standards and models. 


Industrie4.0 brings together the concept of the digital industrial revolution, but we’re going further.


We look at hyperconnected factories, autonomous production and data production and services

Digital manufacturing

… is a means to an end, not an objective in itself. We at DIGITALIS utilize digital tools, electronic sensors, data analytics, IIoT, cybersecurity, photonics, additive manufacturing, … to the benefit of improving production or the company as a whole.


We jointly seek to develop a business case, with a plan and adjusted resources. We’ll start with a Proof of Concept, in a non-intrusive domain or a challenging future. We’re not afraid of looking to utilize our research expertise to help our companies in Belgium going beyond.

Our services package

Following the initial or subsequent digital maturity scans, we’ll develop a joint plan for maturity improvement focused on identified gaps and challenges, connecting providers and teams. 

your journey

Not a one-off, but a one stop platform with guidance, based upon YOUR situation, technology guidance and support, financing, implementation and evaluation.

develop skills

Your teams and people are your greatest assets. We focus on helping developing them, based upon interest, capabilities and capacities.


Access to public financing and private investment facilities, guidance and support in getting there for your digital projects.


Brokerage, matchmaking, find partners, find financing, find customers and develop relations 

Portfolio of Digitalisation Cases

The following is just a high level overview of some cases the DIGITALIS partnership has been working on over the last couple of years, both individually and together.

Expert Testimonials

Here’s what our experts have to say : 

“Digitizing takes time, not for the technical integration, but for the company to fully embrace its potential. It is better to start now and develop over time, than to wait any longer for more skills, newer technologies, end-to-end solutions or infinite resources that will never arrive.”

Ulrich Seldeslachts

3if.eu – LSEC

“It is amazing to discover the potential our Flemish manufacturing companies have to offer, once we start diving into the potential impact of use of DIGITALIS-services. Companies discover the business potential of their data, get a better impact on their production and workflow thanks to sensors and dashboards and discover product improvements. “

Ger van den Kerkhof

Flanders Make

“The different application uptakes of Photonics by Flemish companies are simply fantastic. We support Flemish companies in their assessment process and provide some guidance. Just take a look into our capabilities in domains of sensors, laser cutters, measurements, displays, …. “

Jürgen Van Erps 


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Our Team

consists of a highly experienced and motivated professionals with different expert backgrounds 

Walter Auwers

Business Unit Manager Advanced Manufacturing

Prof Hugo Thienpont

Director of
Brussels Photonics

Dieter Somers

Senior Advisor
Digital Transformatoin

Kurt Callewaert

Valorisation Manager
Digital Transformation

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