Voka, the biggest Flemish network of enterprises, was established in 2004 as an alliance of the then eight Flemish Chambers of Commerce.

We unite more than 18.000 businesses, representing 65% of the private employment and 70% of the added value in Flanders and Brussels. As the most influential network of entrepreneurs, our mission is to create an optimal framework for succesful entrepreneurship.

Voka, your gateway to the world

Our international operation brings you into contact with entrepreneurs all over the world. Thanks to our network of experts, we are at your service to advise and assist you in all your international questions and concerns. Moreover, you will get access to trade missions, inspiration tours and other international activities. 

Voka defends

Whether you have just started out or have been in business for many years, as a Voka member you always have someone on your side.

Someone who strenuously upholds your interests as an entrepreneur everywhere – not only with local authorities but also at regional, national and European level.

Voka unites

You don’t do business alone. A dynamic and extensive network is essential to stay on the right course as an entrepreneur.

  • Strong influencial voice in Flanders
  • Neutral & reliable partner
  • Facilitating dialogue between (international) politicians & entrepreneurs
  • Clubs & coaching programs

Voka broadens your view and your network by organising activities for entrepreneurs and policymakers from the political and academic worlds. As a Voka member, you can also take part in network events, webinars and other learning networks

Voka supports

The business world changes constantly. This is the reason why Voka keeps you informed of all the new developments, measures and legislation that apply to your business.

Need help with a difficult tax file or a permit? Based on up-to-date information as well as the advice of experts, you as an entrepreneur can quickly make the right decisions. 

  • Trade missions
  • Local network of global ambassadors
  • Advice on all entrepreneurial topics
  • Trainings & courses
  • Talent sourcing

Voka participates in DIGITALIS as an alliance consisting of 6 Voka Chambers, Voka Project Services vzw and Voka Shared Services cv. Voka Project Services VZW was established as one of the two companies in function of the Voka – alliance. Voka Project Services therefore is the promoter, who submits the project on behalf of the Voka – alliance and receives the amounts for the Voka Chambers of Commerce to transfer to them. The second company is the Voka Shared Services CV(BA). This entity is responsible for the coordination and reporting of projects submitted by the Voka Project Services VZW. Both entities were set up after taking into account the advice of lawyers at the Flemish government. The performance of the Voka – Shared Services CV is always reported in an open and transparent way and is charged to the co-promoters via a debt claim, after verification by the subsidising authorities

For more information about VOKA, please visit : https://www.voka.be/