Voka is the largest and most dynamic Flemish network of companies. Members can participate in learning networks, webinars and other events. Voka has specific communities such as the “starters trajectory” or the “coaching trajectory” for growth entrepreneurs. Voka is the leader of WP4 (Access to Financing) and will contribute to the outreach process via the different communities and networks Voka is chairing.

Voka participates in DIGITALIS as an alliance consisting of 6 Voka Chambers, Voka Project Services vzw and Voka Shared Services cv. Voka Project Services VZW was established as one of the two companies in function of the Voka – alliance. Voka Project Services therefore is the promoter, who submits the project on behalf of the Voka – alliance and receives the amounts for the Voka Chambers of Commerce to transfer to them. The second company is the Voka Shared Services CV(BA). This entity is responsible for the coordination and reporting of projects submitted by the Voka Project Services VZW. Both entities were set up after taking into account the advice of lawyers at the Flemish government. The performance of the Voka – Shared Services CV is always reported in an open and transparent way and is charged to the co-promoters via a debt claim, after verification by the subsidising authorities

For more information about VOKA, please visit : https://www.voka.be/