The main objectives of DIGITALIS address the core elements of the call for a network of European Digital Innovation Hubs. We will support the digital transformation of EU industrial ecosystems, increase the level of industrial digitalisation, upskill the workforce and reinforce critical digital capacities. DIGITALIS will form the “gateway” to a set of services, technologies and knowledge which are necessary for this digital transition and will play an active role in the European network of EDIHs. We will thus actively support the deployment of digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity (focus of the hub). Other digital capacities such as High Performance Computing and data infrastructures which are part of the Digital Europe Program will be deployed in collaboration with the respective knowledge centres and other European Digital Innovation Hubs.

DIGITALIS will increase the uptake of digital technologies in the industry with a specific focus in terms of technology and target group

DIGITALIS will upskill the workforce regarding digital technologies and incentivise employees to actively use them

DIGITALIS will be strongly embedded in the regional as well as the European innovation landscape and will play a pro-active role in the European network of EDIHs