All DIGITALIS partners are already very well connected in the Flemish and the European innovation ecosystems and we aim to be a pro-active partner in the network of European Digital Innovation Hubs. No organisation (or consortium) can answer all the questions and needs of the companies by itself. By collaborating with other regional innovation actors in Flanders (Spearhead Clusters, RTOs, Private Equity organisations, Universities, Sector Federations…) DIGITALIS can guarantee that the major roadblocks for innovation in digital technologies within manufacturing SMEs are removed and that the majority of needs from the companies can be fulfilled. As all the DIGITALIS partners have been and still are active in European and DIH-projects (e.g. Interreg Europe, DIH TRINITY, DIH HELP, DIH WORLD, PhotonHub Europe) and platforms (e.g. EARTO, SecurIT, EPoSS, Made in Europe) they strongly have the ability and experience to pick-up European best practices and transfer them to the regional innovation landscape. Also, they have the attitude to share their own best practices with other EDIHs in Europe. DIGITALIS will work together with the Enterprise Europe Network for among others the organisation of European brokerage events, information events and the support to find digitalization financing, R&D funds and answer investment needs.

As Digitalization of the industry is of extreme importance both in the Walloon as well as in the Flemish region in Belgium DIGITALIS and the Walloon DIH Walhub have agreed to collaborate very closely. Although the industrial ecosystems in both regions are different in terms of character, focus, digital maturity and language WALHUB and DIGITALIS will strive for close collaboration, thereby using synergies and exploiting complementarities. By organizing joint events, referral of SMEs and regular bilateral meetings the collaboration between WALHUB and DIGITALIS will strengthen the manufacturing ecosystem at the level of the member state.

In Belgium, DIGITALIS collaborates and aims to collaborate with the following Digital Innovation Hubs and innovation partners :

During the DIGITALIS development, we have already developed connections with 19 other Digital Innovation Hubs in Europe and we are partner of the EDIH Manufacturing Network (EDIH4Manu). This is an informal multi country, interregional, open collaboration network (corridor) of 22 EDIHs candidates and 22 regions from 14 Countries sharing a Smart Specialization in Manufacturing. EDIH4Manu networks more than 60 Universities and R&I centers, 25 business associations and technology clusters and 3 EIT nodes (Manufacturing, Digital, Raw Materials). EDIH4Manu regions encompass the essentials of the EU manufacturing industry: 40% of EU manufacturing added value, 25% of EU manufacturing companies and 30% of employees. However, the network is in the initiation phase and will be open to other EDIHs from other regions during the expansion phase allowing to enhance and expand the complementary set of services and expertise for EDIHs customers.

These connections exist in order to complement the technological areas of DIGITALIS (e.g. cloud computing, data infrastructures and next generation internet services).