DIGITALIS will upskill the workforce regarding digital technologies and incentivise employees to actively use them.

Investing in new digital technologies means a transition in skills on the shop floor and in the engineering department in the companies. Through our training and education packages, which covers a broad range of digital topics, it is our goal to increase the level of digital skills and train people in effectively using digital technologies. Trainings will be focused on (the use of) Artificial Intelligence, the impact and relevance for Cybersecurity in an industrial context, machine learning for operators and the use of assisting technologies (AR/VR, robotics) to improve productivity with an increasing customization. Although our prime focus lies on the shopfloor (which is seen as top priority by most SMEs), we will also upskill people in the engineering department(s) by learning them to use e.g., digital twins in product and process development. On Management level we will focus on the more strategic aspects of digitalisation.