DIGITALIS will contribute to the climate and environmental goals of the EU (The European Green Deal).

New digital manufacturing solutions positively contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing processes. Using data from industrial AI for production operations will create actionable insights for reduction of energy use in manufacturing processes. Smart digital control and monitoring technologies ensure first time-right manufacturing resulting in less material use and a “zero waste” approach. In general, it is expected that by combining different data sets in manufacturing the efficiency of the equipment in manufacturing processes can be significantly increased.

To create impact in the target group of companies, all DIGITALIS partners speak the SME-language and have a track record in understanding their (latent) needs and translate these to our service offering. It is our experience that major effort needs to be spent to talk to the SMEs in bilateral meetings and help them to define their short and long term needs. Therefore, the consortium is well balanced with different types of complementary organisations that all have a strong connection to the manufacturing industry. We will create a strong brand towards the manufacturing industry which reflects the combined and complementary offering of DIGITALIS’ partners to the target group of SMEs.