Digitalization is a journey that starts with providing inspirations, insights, best practices to inspire. It continues with an assessment on systems, interest, priorities, people, skills, resources, availabilities, capacity, … and many more components that make up Your Situation.

While there are numerous technologies that can help you doing the job ranging from IoT sensors to advanced robotics, our teams have supported hundreds of companies in transitioning towards more digitisation. Some only focus on part of an industrial process to start with, others go the full monty and focus on a company wide migration. There is no single solution, but there are ways to decide about impactful changes.

DIGITALIS developed the DIGITALIS Digital Maturity Assessment that helps us deciding together with you where we can get your journey started. Either by yourself, assisted by your teams or advisories, or together with our teams, we can guide you through the assessment platform. Don’t forget : this is a means to an end, not the end itself. Companies, teams and people that still need to start will be able to discover components on what it takes. These will be supported by inspirational seminars, webinars, self-learning / guidance and one on one conversations with our teams. So, don’t let the assessment feedback or questions set you off. We’ve guided companies that didn’t know where to find the on/off button and transferred them into factories ready for the future. When already on a journey and looking to further expand, we can propose you digital manufacturing pathways, facilitating strategic decisions on where to go next.

Start with the DIGITALIS Digital Maturity Assessment today, finish it now or later. Part of the data that you will share with us will be also used by the European Commission. They are the main sponsor of the DIGITALIS activities and aim to generate statistical data about digitalisation throughout Europe.

Over time, we will ask you to return to the DIGITALIS Digital Maturity Assessment, for you and us to measure progress and the impact of Our Journey.

Start the DIGITALIS Digital Maturity Assessment today!