The DIGITALIS partners have a long-standing and wide experience and expertise in digitizing manufacturing companies in Flanders.

We have supported over the last decade over 1000 companies in taking either first steps, or helping them becoming Factories of the Future.

A bit of guidance is derived from some collaborative international cooperations.
In Connected Factories for instance, a pan European collaboration built a strategy roadmap in the form of pathways, guidance mechanisms that can assist any manufacturing company in making choices today for its future.

For an overview of different pathways, visit the EFFRA – Connected Factories website for more detail, but some examples are shown here:

Examples of Digital Pathways results : use cases and demonstrators of the pathway.

For the pathway to

  1. Autonomous & Smart Factories
  2. Hyperconnected Factories
  3. Collaborative Product-Service Factories
  4. CyberSecurity
  5. Data Space
  6. Circular Economy
  7. AI for Manufacturing