DIGITALIS is offering services to manufacturing companies at reduced rates or at no cost (under specific circumstances), thanks to the support of the European Commission.

In order to be able to receive these discounted services, a Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) needs to be performed at the start, after 6 months and annually; in order to be able to monitor progress and maturity improvements.

The DIGITALIS DMA is available as an online survey, and next to the basic DMA-questions, will also be used to be able to better assist the actual requirements of the companies looking to further mature their digital activities.

The survey can be easily accessed by means of the following platform : You can go there now and click on REGISTER to create an account, unless you have one.

Once arriving at the REGISTER-page, the respondent will be asked to fill in email address and a password. An email will be sent to the respondent asking to confirm the action. Once confirmed and signed in, the respondent will be taken to a page to confirm which Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) he / she plans to complete.

The email address also allows to save intermediary results and completion of the survey and continue at a later moment.

In the following screen, click “New Survey” or select one of the previous started surveys to continue.

Once completed, the survey will propose to return to the DIGITALIS website, in order to find additional services, select from the offerings or become inspired on cases which might be sensible also for your organisation to consider.

We advise to complete the DIGITALIS DMA together with one of the DIGITALIS – partners, to further complete the reasoning behind the questions and to better understand your situation in the perspective of the needs.

Do reach out to us for any further questions or comments.